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CHAPTER 245A. Human services licensing

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
245A.01 Citation.
245A.02 Definitions.
245A.023 In-service training.
245A.03 Who must be licensed.
245A.035 Relative foster care; emergency license.
245A.04 Application procedures.
245A.041 Systems and records.
245A.05 Denial of application.
245A.06 Correction order and conditional license.
245A.07 Sanctions.
245A.08 Hearings.
245A.09 Rules.
245A.091 [Repealed, 1997 c 248 s 51]
245A.095 Review of rules for programs serving persons with mental illnesses.
245A.10 Fees.
245A.11 Special conditions for residential programs.
245A.12 Voluntary receivership for residential programs.
245A.13 Involuntary receivership for residential programs.
245A.14 Special conditions for nonresidential programs.
245A.144 Reduction of risk of sudden infant death syndrome in child care programs.
245A.15 Regulation of family day care by local government.
245A.155 Requirements for foster care agencies and foster care providers related to individuals who rely on medical equipment to sustain life or monitor a medical condition.
245A.16 Standards for county agencies and private agencies.
245A.17 [Repealed, 1992 c 513 art 9 s 44]
245A.18 Seat belt use required.
245A.19 HIV training in chemical dependency treatment program.
245A.20 [Repealed, 1997 c 248 s 51]
245A.21 [Repealed, 1997 c 248 s 51]
245A.22 Independent living assistance for youth.
245A.30 Licensing prohibition for certain juvenile facilities.
245A.65 License holder requirements governing maltreatment of vulnerable adults.

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