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CHAPTER 340A. Liquor

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
340A.101 Definitions.
340A.201 Liquor control authority.
340A.301 Manufacturers and wholesalers licenses.
340A.302 Importers.
340A.3021 Importation restrictions.
340A.303 Transfers.
340A.304 License suspension and revocation.
340A.305 Warehousing.
340A.3055 Manufacturer's warehouse permit.
340A.306 Fraudulent shipments.
340A.307 Unlawful discrimination.
340A.308 Prohibited transactions.
340A.309 Exclusive contracts.
340A.310 Sales by wholesalers.
340A.311 Brand registration.
340A.312 Joint purchases; volume prices.
340A.313 [Repealed, 1987 c 310 s 14]
340A.314 Suggested retail prices.
340A.315 Farm winery license.
340A.316 Sacramental wine.
340A.317 Licensing of brokers.
340A.318 Credit extensions restricted.
340A.319 Reports by brewers.
340A.32 [Repealed, 1995 c 198 s 17]
340A.33 Brew on premises store.
340A.401 License required.
340A.4011 Bed and breakfast facilities; when license not required.
340A.402 Persons eligible.
340A.403 3.2 percent malt liquor licenses.
340A.404 Intoxicating liquor; on-sale licenses.
340A.405 Intoxicating liquor; off-sale licenses.
340A.4055 Licenses in Indian country.
340A.406 Intoxicating liquor; combination licenses.
340A.407 Common carriers.
340A.408 Retail license fees.
340A.409 Liability insurance.
340A.410 License restrictions; general.
340A.411 License restrictions; 3.2 percent malt liquor licenses.
340A.412 License restrictions; intoxicating liquor licenses.
340A.413 Restrictions on the number of intoxicating liquor licenses that may be issued.
340A.414 Consumption and display permits.
340A.415 License revocation or suspension; civil penalty.
340A.416 Local option election.
340A.417 Shipments into Minnesota.
340A.418 Wine tastings.
340A.501 Responsibility of licensee.
340A.502 Sales to obviously intoxicated persons.
340A.503 Persons under 21; illegal acts.
340A.504 Hours and days of sale.
340A.505 Licensee may not sell for resale.
340A.506 Sales of ethyl alcohol and neutral spirits prohibited.
340A.507 Regulation of advertising.
340A.5071 Coupons prohibited.
340A.508 Tampering or refilling bottles.
340A.509 Local restrictions.
340A.510 Samples.
340A.511 Certain sizes may be sold.
340A.512 Containers brought into premises.
340A.601 Establishment of municipal liquor stores.
340A.602 Continuation.
340A.603 Financial responsibility.
340A.604 Suspension of operation.
340A.701 Felonies.
340A.702 Gross misdemeanors.
340A.703 Misdemeanors.
340A.7035 Consumer importation; illegal acts.
340A.704 Search warrants.
340A.705 Prima facie evidence.
340A.801 Civil actions.
340A.802 Notice of injury; discovery before actions.
340A.901 Citation.
340A.902 Drunkenness not a crime.
340A.903 [Repealed, 1993 c 350 s 27]
340A.904 Seized liquor.
340A.905 Notice of violation.
340A.906 Nonapplicability.
340A.907 Inspection.
340A.908 Liqueur-filled candy.
340A.909 Sale of Minnesota beer at public facilities.

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Revisor of Statutes