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168A.40 Automobile theft prevention program.

Subdivision 1. Board membership. An automobile theft prevention board consists of seven members appointed by the governor and shall include representatives of law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, the department of public safety, automobile insurers, and the public. The board shall annually elect a chair from among its members. The board may employ professional, technical, consulting, and clerical service staff. The board is governed by section 15.0575 except that the terms of the members are two years. The commissioner of public safety shall provide office space and administrative support to the board.

Subd. 2. Program duties. The automobile theft prevention board shall:

(1) develop and sponsor the implementation of statewide plans, programs, and strategies to combat automobile theft, improve the administration of the automobile theft laws, and provide a forum for identification of critical problems for those persons dealing with automobile theft;

(2) coordinate the development, adoption, and implementation of plans, programs, and strategies relating to interagency and intergovernmental cooperation with respect to automobile theft enforcement;

(3) annually audit the plans and programs that it has funded in whole or in part to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans and programs and withdraw funding should the board determine that a plan or program is ineffective or is no longer in need of further financial support from the fund;

(4) develop a plan of operation including an assessment of the scope of the problem of automobile theft, including areas of the state where the problem is greatest; an analysis of various methods of combating the problem of automobile theft; a plan for providing financial support to combat automobile theft; a plan for eliminating car hijacking; and an estimate of the funds required to implement the plan; and

(5) distribute money from the automobile theft prevention special revenue account for automobile theft prevention activities, including:

(i) paying the administrative costs of the board;

(ii) providing financial support to the state patrol and local law enforcement agencies for automobile theft enforcement teams;

(iii) providing financial support to state or local law enforcement agencies for programs designed to reduce the incidence of automobile theft and for improved equipment and techniques for responding to automobile thefts;

(iv) providing financial support to local prosecutors for programs designed to reduce the incidence of automobile theft;

(v) providing financial support to judicial agencies for programs designed to reduce the incidence of automobile theft;

(vi) providing financial support for neighborhood or community organizations or business organizations for programs designed to reduce the incidence of automobile theft;

(vii) providing financial support for automobile theft educational and training programs for state and local law enforcement officials, driver and vehicle services exam and inspections staff, and members of the judiciary; and

(viii) conducting educational programs designed to inform automobile owners of methods of preventing automobile theft and to provide equipment, for experimental purposes, to enable automobile owners to prevent automobile theft.

By January 15 of each year, the board shall report to the governor and legislature on its activities and expenditures in the preceding year.

Subd. 3. Surcharge. Each insurer engaged in the writing of policies of automobile insurance shall collect a surcharge, at the rate of 50 cents per vehicle for every six months of coverage, on each policy of automobile insurance providing comprehensive insurance coverage issued or renewed in this state. The surcharge may not be considered premium for any purpose, including the computation of premium tax or agents' commissions. The amount of the surcharge must be separately stated on either a billing or policy declaration sent to an insured. Insurers shall remit the revenue derived from this surcharge at least quarterly to the board for purposes of the automobile theft prevention program. For purposes of this subdivision, "policy of automobile insurance" has the meaning given it in section 65B.14, except that no vehicle with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 10,000 pounds is included within this definition.

Subd. 4. Automobile theft prevention account. A special revenue account is created in the state treasury to be credited with the proceeds of the surcharge imposed under subdivision 3. Revenue in the account may be used only for the automobile theft prevention program. The board may not spend in any fiscal year more than ten percent of the money in the fund for its administrative and operating costs.

HIST: 1996 c 408 art 2 s 1; 1999 c 216 art 5 s 1

* NOTE: This section, as added by Laws 1996, chapter 408, *article 2, section 1, is repealed effective January 1, 2002. *Laws 1996, chapter 408, article 2, section 16.

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