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CHAPTER 192A. Uniform code of military justice

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
192A.01 Short title and numbering.
192A.015 Definitions.
192A.02 Persons subject to this code.
192A.025 Jurisdiction to try certain personnel.
192A.03 Dismissal of commissioned officer.
192A.035 Territorial applicability of the code.
192A.04 Judge advocates and legal officers.
192A.045 Apprehension.
192A.05 Apprehension of deserters.
192A.055 Imposition of restraint.
192A.06 Restraint of persons charged with offenses.
192A.065 Confinement in jails.
192A.07 Reports and receiving of prisoners.
192A.075 Punishment prohibited before trial.
192A.08 Delivery of offenders to civil authorities.
192A.085 Commanding officer's nonjudicial punishment.
192A.09 Courts-martial of state military forces not in federal service; composition; jurisdiction; powers and proceedings.
192A.095 Jurisdiction of courts-martial in general.
192A.10 Jurisdiction of general courts-martial.
192A.105 Jurisdiction of special courts-martial.
192A.11 Jurisdiction of summary courts-martial.
192A.115 Sentences of dismissal or dishonorable discharge to be approved by the governor.
192A.12 Complete record of proceedings and testimony if dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge, or dismissal adjudged.
192A.125 [Repealed, 1978 c 552 s 48]
192A.13 Who may convene general courts-martial.
192A.135 Who may convene special courts-martial.
192A.14 Who may convene summary courts-martial.
192A.145 Who may serve on courts-martial.
192A.15 Military judge system.
192A.155 Detail of trial counsel and defense counsel.
192A.16 Detail or employment of reporters and interpreters.
192A.165 Absent and additional members.
192A.17 Charges and specifications.
192A.175 Compulsory self-incrimination prohibited.
192A.18 Investigation.
192A.185 Forwarding of charges.
192A.19 Advice of state judge advocate and reference for trial.
192A.195 Service of charges.
192A.20 Governor may prescribe rules.
192A.205 Unlawfully influencing action of court.
192A.21 Duties of trial counsel and defense counsel.
192A.215 Sessions.
192A.22 Continuances.
192A.225 Challenges.
192A.23 Oaths.
192A.235 Statute of limitations.
192A.24 Former jeopardy.
192A.245 Pleas of the accused.
192A.25 Opportunity to obtain witnesses and other evidence.
192A.255 Refusal to appear or testify.
192A.26 Contempts.
192A.265 Depositions.
192A.27 Admissibility of records of courts of inquiry.
192A.275 Voting and rulings.
192A.28 Number of votes required.
192A.285 Court to announce action.
192A.29 Record of trial.
192A.295 Cruel and unusual punishments prohibited.
192A.30 Maximum limits.
192A.305 Effective date of sentences.
192A.31 Execution of confinement.
192A.315 Execution of sentence; suspension or deferment of sentence.
192A.32 Initial action on the record.
192A.325 General court-martial records.
192A.33 Reconsideration and revision.
192A.335 Rehearings.
192A.34 Approval by the convening authority.
192A.345 Review of records; disposition.
192A.35 Error of law; lesser included offense.
192A.355 Review counsel.
192A.36 Vacation of suspension.
192A.365 Petition for a new trial.
192A.37 Remission and suspension.
192A.375 Restoration.
192A.38 Finality of proceedings, findings, and sentences.
192A.384 Offenses subject to court-martial.
192A.385 Persons to be tried or punished.
192A.39 Principals.
192A.395 Accessory after the fact.
192A.40 Conviction of lesser included offense.
192A.405 Attempts.
192A.41 Conspiracy.
192A.415 Solicitation.
192A.42 Fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation.
192A.425 Unlawful enlistment, appointment, or separation.
192A.43 Desertion.
192A.435 Absence without leave.
192A.44 Missing movement.
192A.445 Contempt towards officials.
192A.45 Disrespect towards superior commissioned officer.
192A.455 Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer.
192A.46 Insubordinate conduct toward warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer.
192A.465 Failure to obey order or rule.
192A.47 Cruelty and maltreatment.
192A.475 Mutiny or sedition.
192A.48 Resistance, breach of arrest, and escape.
192A.485 Releasing prisoner without proper authority.
192A.49 Unlawful detention of another.
192A.495 Noncompliance with procedural rules.
192A.50 Misbehavior before the enemy.
192A.505 Subordinate compelling surrender.
192A.51 Improper use of countersign.
192A.515 Forcing a safeguard.
192A.52 Captured or abandoned property.
192A.525 Aiding the enemy.
192A.53 Misconduct of a prisoner.
192A.535 False official statements.
192A.54 Military property; loss, damage, destruction, or wrongful disposition.
192A.545 Property other than military property; waste, spoilage, or destruction.
192A.55 Improper hazarding of vessel.
192A.555 Drunken or reckless driving.
192A.56 Drunk on duty; sleeping on post; leaving post before relief.
192A.565 [Repealed, 1978 c 552 s 48]
192A.57 Malingering.
192A.575 Riot or breach of peace.
192A.58 Provoking speeches or gestures.
192A.585 Perjury.
192A.59 Frauds against the government.
192A.595 Larceny and wrongful appropriation.
192A.60 Conduct unbecoming an officer.
192A.605 General article.
192A.61 Courts of inquiry.
192A.611 Staff judge advocates.
192A.612 Search warrants.
192A.615 Authority to administer oaths.
192A.62 Sections to be explained.
192A.625 Complaints of wrongs.
192A.63 Redress of injuries to property.
192A.635 Execution of process and sentence.
192A.64 Process of military courts.
192A.645 Payment of fines and disposition thereof.
192A.65 Immunity for action of military courts.
192A.655 Presumption of jurisdiction.
192A.66 Delegation of authority by the governor.
192A.665 Uniformity of interpretation.

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