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629.725 Notice to crime victim regarding bail hearing of arrested or detained person.

When a person arrested or a juvenile detained for a crime of violence or an attempted crime of violence is scheduled to be reviewed under section 629.715 for release from pretrial detention, the court shall make a reasonable and good faith effort to notify the victim of the alleged crime. If the victim is incapacitated or deceased, notice must be given to the victim's family. If the victim is a minor, notice must be given to the victim's parent or guardian. The notification must include:

(1) the date and approximate time of the review;

(2) the location where the review will occur;

(3) the name and telephone number of a person that can be contacted for additional information; and

(4) a statement that the victim and the victim's family may attend the review.

As used in this section, "crime of violence" has the meaning given it in section 624.712, subdivision 5, and also includes section 609.21, gross misdemeanor violations of section 609.224, and nonfelony violations of sections 518B.01, 609.2231, 609.3451, 609.748, and 609.749.

HIST: 1995 c 226 art 7 s 23; 1995 c 244 s 40; 1997 c 239 art 7 s 38

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Revisor of Statutes