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CHAPTER 508. Registration, torrens

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
508.01 Registration.
508.02 Registered land; same incidents as unregistered; no adverse possession.
508.03 Application.
508.04 Titles which may be registered.
508.05 Application, how signed and verified.
508.06 Contents of application; rights and privileges of claimants.
508.07 Nonresident applicant; agent.
508.08 Application, contents.
508.09 Amendment.
508.10 Application to district court; powers of court.
508.11 Court administrator; filing, recording; certifying; effect.
508.12 Examiners of titles.
508.13 References to examiners; powers; reports.
508.14 Survey in certain counties.
508.15 Order for summons; parties defendant.
508.16 Form of summons; service on various parties; publication.
508.17 Answer.
508.18 Guardian ad litem; when appointed.
508.19 Decree on default.
508.20 Trial; reference.
508.21 Dismissal.
508.22 Decree of registration; effect.
508.23 Contents of decree; copy filed.
508.24 Registration runs with land; withdrawal.
508.25 Rights of person holding certificate of title.
508.26 Opening decree.
508.27 Title acquired pending proceeding.
508.28 Limitation of actions.
508.29 Appeals.
508.30 Registrar of titles.
508.31 Registrar's bond.
508.32 Under control of court; affixing seal.
508.321 Appeal from registrar's decisions.
508.33 Deputies.
508.34 Register of titles.
508.35 Form of certificate.
508.36 Certificates and copies as evidence.
508.37 Tract indexes, reception books.
508.38 Forms of records adopted.
508.39 Notices after registration; service.
508.40 Owner's duplicate receipt.
508.405 Transfer of owner's duplicate.
508.41 [Repealed, 1983 c 92 s 38]
508.42 [Repealed, 1983 c 92 s 38]
508.421 Surrender of duplicate; exchange certificate.
508.43 Certificate, effective date.
508.44 Loss of duplicate certificates.
508.45 Court may order duplicate certificate produced.
508.46 Plats of registered land.
508.47 Registered lands; transfer, surveys.
508.48 Instruments affecting title filed with registrar; notice.
508.49 Interest less than fee; noticed by memorial.
508.50 Instruments to have name and address.
508.51 When owner's duplicate must be presented; exceptions.
508.52 Conveyance; old certificate canceled; new issued.
508.53 Transfer and payment of taxes.
508.54 Mortgage.
508.55 Registration of mortgage; memorial entered on certificate.
508.555 Mortgage securing revolving line of credit; notice.
508.56 Assignment and discharge of mortgage.
508.57 Foreclosure; notice.
508.58 Registration after foreclosure; new certificate.
508.59 Registration of judgment or final decree.
508.60 Leases.
508.61 Trust, other limited deeds; new trustee; corporate dissolution.
508.62 Trustee's conveyance.
508.63 Registration of instruments creating liens; judgments.
508.64 Attachments; liens.
508.65 Plaintiff's attorney; name and address endorsed; notice.
508.66 Officer's certificate for registrar to cancel; lis pendens.
508.67 Acquiring title by action; new certificate.
508.671 Determination of boundaries.
508.68 Death of owner; issuance of new certificates.
508.69 Jurisdiction of court not impaired.
508.70 How to make adverse claim after registration.
508.71 Alterations; court, examiner's order; new certificates.
508.72 Agency; power to be registered.
508.73 Eminent domain; reversion; vacation; new certificate.
508.74 Charges on registration.
508.75 Investment.
508.76 Damages through erroneous registration; action.
508.77 Parties defendant; judgment; execution.
508.78 Liability of fund.
508.79 Limitation of action.
508.80 Fraudulent instrument or entry; penalty.
508.81 Court administrator's fees; notices.
508.82 Registrar's fees.
508.83 [Repealed, 1980 c 543 s 12]
508.835 Disposal of canceled duplicates; receipt cards.
508.836 Disposal of certain affidavits.
508.84 Instruments of encumbrance; disposal.

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