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CHAPTER 43A. Department of employee relations

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
43A.01 Policies.
43A.02 Definitions.
43A.03 Department of employee relations.
43A.04 General powers and responsibilities of commissioner.
43A.044 Hazard identification and accident prevention.
43A.045 Restructuring.
43A.046 Staff reductions.
43A.047 Contracted services.
43A.05 Powers and responsibilities through the personnel bureau.
43A.06 Powers and responsibilities through the labor relations bureau.
43A.07 Classified service.
43A.071 Service worker.
43A.08 Unclassified service.
43A.082 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
43A.09 Recruitment.
43A.10 Examinations; eligibility to compete.
43A.11 Veteran's preference.
43A.12 Ranking of eligibles.
43A.13 Certification of eligibles.
43A.14 Appointments.
43A.15 Noncompetitive and qualifying appointments.
43A.16 Probationary periods.
43A.17 Salary limits, rates, ranges and exceptions.
43A.18 Total compensation; collective bargaining agreements; plans.
43A.181 Unreimbursed medical costs vacation donation program.
43A.1815 Vacation donation to sick leave account.
43A.182 [Repealed, 1997 c 97 s 20]
43A.185 Disaster volunteer leave.
43A.19 Affirmative action.
43A.191 Agency affirmative action programs.
43A.192 [Repealed, 1990 c 426 art 1 s 12]
43A.20 Performance appraisal and pay.
43A.21 Training programs.
43A.211 Minnesota quality college.
43A.22 Benefits; intent.
43A.23 Contracting authority.
43A.24 Eligibility for state paid insurance and benefits.
43A.25 [Repealed, 1989 c 81 s 4]
43A.26 Optional coverages.
43A.27 Eligibility for individual paid insurance and benefits.
43A.28 Enrollment.
43A.29 Contributions by state.
43A.30 Payment of premiums.
43A.31 Administration.
43A.316 Public employees insurance program.
43A.317 Minnesota employees insurance program.
43A.32 Political activities.
43A.321 Volunteer firefighter and rescue workers; agreements.
43A.33 Grievances.
43A.34 Retirement.
43A.35 Death benefit for retired employees.
43A.36 Relationships with other agencies and jurisdictions.
43A.37 Payrolls.
43A.375 Deduction for expenses; fraud or mistake.
43A.38 Code of ethics for employees in the executive branch.
43A.39 Compliance with law.
43A.40 Job sharing; temporary.
43A.41 Definitions.
43A.42 Positions affected.
43A.421 Supported work program.
43A.43 Program management.
43A.44 Total compensation.
43A.45 Acceptance of shared positions.
43A.46 Conflicting laws.
43A.465 Credit for prior part-time service.
43A.47 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
43A.48 Pretax expense accounts.

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Revisor of Statutes