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CHAPTER 299A. Department of public safety

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
299A.01 Department of public safety; creation and organization.
299A.02 Commissioners of public safety and revenue; liquor control functions.
299A.03 [Repealed, 1981 c 356 s 247]
299A.04 Renumbered 116J.405
299A.11 Vehicles transporting wheelchair users; definitions.
299A.12 Wheelchair securement devices.
299A.13 Additional safety requirements.
299A.14 Inspection.
299A.15 Aid and licenses withheld.
299A.16 Evidence.
299A.17 Penalty.
299A.18 Rules; approval of devices.
299A.20 Renumbered 257.80
299A.21 Renumbered 257.801
299A.22 Renumbered 257.802
299A.23 Renumbered 257.803
299A.24 Renumbered 257.804
299A.25 Renumbered 257.805
299A.26 Renumbered 257.806
299A.27 Renumbered 257.807
299A.28 McGruff safe house program.
299A.30 Renumbered 119A.26
299A.31 Renumbered 119A.27
299A.32 Renumbered 119A.28
299A.325 [Repealed, 1993 c 326 art 12 s 19]
299A.326 Renumbered 119A.29
299A.33 Drug abuse resistance education (DARE) program.
299A.331 DARE advisory council.
299A.34 Renumbered 119A.30
299A.35 Renumbered 119A.31
299A.36 Renumbered 119A.32
299A.37 Renumbered 119A.33
299A.38 Soft body armor reimbursement.
299A.40 Renumbered 119A.34
299A.41 Definitions.
299A.42 Public safety officer's benefit account.
299A.43 Eligibility determination; contested case.
299A.44 Death benefit.
299A.45 Education benefit.
299A.46 Rules.
299A.465 Continued health insurance coverage to disabled.
299A.47 Claims limitation.
299A.48 Citation.
299A.49 Definitions.
299A.50 Response plan.
299A.51 Liability and workers' compensation.
299A.52 Responsible person.
299A.60 [Repealed, 1996 c 408 art 2 s 16]
299A.61 Criminal alert network.
299A.62 Community-oriented policing (COPS) grant program.
299A.63 Weed and seed grant program.
299A.64 Criminal gang council and strike force.
299A.65 Jurisdiction and liability.
299A.66 Grant programs.
299A.70 Public safety motor vehicle account.

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