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268.95 Individual enterprise.

Subdivision 1. Coordination. The commissioner may coordinate state activities related to self-employment enterprises, including home-based businesses, individual self-employment initiatives, and collective and cooperative efforts involving individual entrepreneurs.

Subd. 2. Marketing. The commissioner may undertake activities to expand the marketing of goods or services produced by the state's independent entrepreneurs.

Subd. 3. Technical assistance. The commissioner may provide or arrange for the provision of information, technical assistance, and support as necessary to help individuals determine whether they wish to become self-employed, to obtain needed training, to develop business plans and financing, and to sustain the initiatives.

Subd. 4. Pilot program. The commissioner shall develop a pilot program, in cooperation with the commissioners of trade and economic development and human services, to enable low-income persons to start or expand self-employment opportunities or home-based businesses that are designed to make the individual entrepreneurs economically independent. The commissioner of human services shall seek necessary waivers from federal regulations to allow recipients of aid to families with dependent children or Minnesota family investment program-statewide to participate and retain eligibility while establishing a business.

Subd. 5. Study. The commissioner shall study the needs of individual entrepreneurs and beginning businesses and recommend to the governor how state programs and resources can provide further assistance.

HIST: 1Sp1985 c 14 art 9 s 73; 1987 c 312 art 1 s 26 subd 2; 1997 c 85 art 4 s 34

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Revisor of Statutes