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CHAPTER 244. Criminal sentences, conditions, duration, appeals

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
244.01 Definitions.
244.02 Mutual agreement programs.
244.03 Rehabilitative programs.
244.035 Sanctions related to litigation.
244.04 Good time.
244.05 Supervised release term.
244.051 Early reports of missing offenders.
244.052 Sex offenders; notice.
244.053 Notice of release of certain offenders.
244.06 [Repealed, 1997 c 239 art 9 s 52]
244.065 Private employment of inmates of state correctional institutions in community.
244.07 Furloughs.
244.08 Commissioner of corrections.
244.09 Minnesota sentencing guidelines commission.
244.095 [Repealed, 1991 c 279 s 41]
244.10 Sentencing hearing; deviation from guidelines.
244.101 Sentencing of felony offenders who commit offenses on and after August 1, 1993.
244.11 Appellate review of sentence.
244.12 Intensive community supervision.
244.13 Intensive community supervision and intensive supervised release; establishment of programs.
244.14 Intensive community supervision; basic elements.
244.15 Intensive community supervision; Phases I to IV.
244.16 Day-fines.
244.17 Challenge incarceration program.
244.171 Challenge incarceration program; basic elements.
244.172 Challenge incarceration program; Phases I to III.
244.173 Challenge incarceration program; evaluation and report.
244.18 Local correctional fees; imposition on offenders.
244.19 Probation officers.
244.20 Probation supervision.
244.21 Collection of information on offenders; reports required.
244.22 Review of planned expenditures of probation service providers; distribution of money to multiple probation service providers within a single county.
244.24 Classification system for adult offenders.

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