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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

144.125 Tests of infants for inborn metabolic errors.

It is the duty of (1) the administrative officer or other person in charge of each institution caring for infants 28 days or less of age, (2) the person required in pursuance of the provisions of section 144.215, to register the birth of a child, or (3) the nurse midwife or midwife in attendance at the birth, to arrange to have administered to every infant or child in its care tests for inborn errors of metabolism in accordance with rules prescribed by the state commissioner of health. In determining which tests must be administered, the commissioner shall take into consideration the adequacy of laboratory methods to detect the inborn metabolic error, the ability to treat or prevent medical conditions caused by the inborn metabolic error, and the severity of the medical conditions caused by the inborn metabolic error. Testing and the recording and reporting of test results shall be performed at the times and in the manner prescribed by the commissioner of health. The commissioner shall charge laboratory service fees so that the total of fees collected will approximate the costs of conducting the tests and implementing and maintaining a system to follow-up infants with inborn metabolic errors. Costs associated with capital expenditures and the development of new procedures may be prorated over a three-year period when calculating the amount of the fees.

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