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119B.05 AFDC child care program.

Subdivision 1. Eligible recipients. Families eligible for child care assistance under the AFDC child care program are:

(1) persons receiving services under sections 256.031 to 256.0361 and 256.047 to 256.048;

(2) AFDC recipients who are employed or in job search and meet the requirements of section 119B.10;

(3) persons who are members of transition year families under section 119B.01, subdivision 16;

(4) members of the control group for the STRIDE evaluation conducted by the Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation;

(5) AFDC caretakers who are participating in the STRIDE and non-STRIDE AFDC child care program;

(6) families who are participating in employment orientation or job search, or other employment or training activities that are included in an approved employability development plan under chapter 256K; and

(7) MFIP-S families who are participating in work activities as required in their job search support or employment plan, or in appeals, hearings, assessments, or orientations according to chapter 256J. Child care assistance to support work activities as described in section 256J.49 must be available according to sections 119B.01, subdivision 8, 121.882, 256E.08, 268.916, and 611A.32 and titles IVA, IVB, IVE, and XX of the Social Security Act.

Subd. 2. Repealed, 1997 c 162 art 1 s 19

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1997 c 162 art 1 s 19

Subd. 4. Contracts; other uses allowed. Counties may contract for administration of the program or may arrange for or contract for child care funds to be used by other appropriate programs, in accordance with this section and as permitted by federal law and regulations.

Subd. 5. Federal reimbursement. Counties shall maximize their federal reimbursement under federal reimbursement programs for money spent for persons eligible under this chapter. The commissioner shall allocate any federal earnings to the county to be used to expand child care services under this chapter.

Subd. 6. Access child care program. (a) Starting one month after April 30, 1992, the commissioner shall reimburse eligible expenditures for 2,000 family slots for AFDC caretakers not eligible for services under section 256.736, who are engaged in an authorized educational or job search program. Each county will receive a number of family slots based on the county's proportion of the AFDC caseload. A county must receive at least two family slots. Eligibility and reimbursement are limited to the number of family slots allocated to each county. County agencies shall authorize an educational plan for each student and may prioritize families eligible for this program in their child care fund plan upon approval of the commissioner.

(b) Effective July 1, 1997, no new applicants may be accepted in the ACCESS program. Current ACCESS participants shall continue to receive assistance until July 1, 1998, if all other conditions of eligibility are met.

Subd. 7. Child care assistance diversion. A one-year program is established to provide assistance to participants under the MFIP-S program established in chapter 256J who are participating in an authorized activity under section 256J.49, subdivision 5, or 256J.52, subdivision 5, and who are eligible for child care assistance according to chapter 119B as a reimbursement for expenses related to the costs of education, training, or transportation when all of the following conditions exist:

(1) child care needs during participation in the authorized activity are being met by a legal child care provider as defined in section 119B.01, subdivision 13;

(2) the participant cannot reasonably arrange for the education, training, or transportation costs to be met through alternate arrangements;

(3) the child care arrangement provides a transition to a stable child care and employment arrangement and does not disrupt the continuity of care for children; and

(4) the arrangement does not exceed two months.

The commissioner shall select one county in the seven-county metropolitan area to participate in the program. Assistance must be available only to residents of the selected county. Assistance granted under this subdivision must not exceed 1/12 of the average annual cost of care as established for the administering county in the previous state fiscal year for each authorized month. Assistance under this subdivision is available to a recipient on a one-time basis.

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