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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

CHAPTER 10A. Ethics in government

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
10A.01 Definitions.
10A.02 Board of campaign finance and public disclosure.
10A.03 Lobbyist registration.
10A.04 Lobbyist reports.
10A.05 Lobbyist report.
10A.06 Contingent fees prohibited.
10A.065 Contributions and solicitations during legislative session.
10A.07 Conflicts of interest.
10A.071 Certain gifts by lobbyists and principals prohibited.
10A.08 Representation disclosure.
10A.09 Statements of economic interest.
10A.10 Penalty for false statements.
10A.11 Organization of political committees.
10A.12 Political funds.
10A.13 Accounts which must be kept.
10A.14 Registration of political committees and political funds.
10A.15 Contributions.
10A.16 Earmarking contributions prohibited.
10A.17 Expenditures.
10A.18 Bills when rendered and paid.
10A.19 Principal campaign committee.
10A.20 Campaign reports.
10A.21 [Repealed, 1997 c 202 art 2 s 64]
10A.22 Reports and statements.
10A.23 Changes and corrections.
10A.24 Dissolution or termination.
10A.241 Transfer of debts.
10A.242 Dissolution of inactive committees and funds.
10A.25 Limits on campaign expenditures.
10A.255 Adjustment by consumer price index.
10A.26 [Repealed, 1978 c 463 s 109]
10A.265 Freedom to associate and communicate.
10A.27 Additional limitations.
10A.275 Multicandidate political party expenditures.
10A.28 Penalty for exceeding limits.
10A.29 Circumvention prohibited.
10A.30 State elections campaign fund.
10A.31 Designation of income tax payments.
10A.315 Special election subsidy.
10A.316 Never effective
10A.321 Estimates of minimum amounts to be received.
10A.322 Public subsidy agreements.
10A.323 Matching requirements.
10A.324 Return of public subsidy.
10A.325 Political party not having certain candidates.
10A.33 [Repealed, 1990 c 608 art 3 s 32]
10A.335 Legislative monitoring of tax checkoff.
10A.34 Remedies.
10A.40 Legislative findings of fact; legislative intent.
10A.41 Definitions.
10A.42 Limitation on application.
10A.43 Expenditure limit agreement.
10A.44 Congressional campaign spending limits.
10A.45 Contribution and loan limits.
10A.46 Multicandidate political party expenditures.
10A.47 Penalty for exceeding limits.
10A.48 Matching requirements.
10A.49 Certification and distribution.
10A.50 Return of financial incentive.
10A.51 Campaign reports.