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Subdivision 1.Owners and occupants may take certain animals.

(a) A person or the person's agent may take bats, snakes, salamanders, lizards, weasel, mink, squirrel, rabbit, hare, raccoon, bobcat, fox, opossum, muskrat, or beaver on land owned or occupied by the person where the animal is causing damage. The person or the person's agent may take the animal without a license and in any manner except by artificial lights in the closed season or by poison. Raccoons may be taken under this subdivision with artificial lights during open season.

(b) Any traps used under this subdivision must be tagged as required under section 97B.928 if placed by an agent of the landowner or occupant.

(c) A person or the person's agent who kills mink, raccoon, bobcat, fox, opossum, muskrat, or beaver under this subdivision must notify a conservation officer or employee of the Fish and Wildlife Division within 24 hours after the animal is killed.

Subd. 2.Special permit for taking protected wild animals.

(a) The commissioner may issue special permits under section 97A.401, subdivision 5, to take protected wild animals that are damaging property or to remove or destroy their dens, nests, or houses.

(b) Removing or destroying a beaver dam associated with beavers causing damage must be according to section 97B.665.

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