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Every safe deposit company is at all times under the supervision and subject to the control of the commissioner of commerce. The commissioner may at any time examine a licensed safe deposit company to ascertain whether the safe deposit company is complying with the provisions of this chapter and whether its methods and systems are in accordance with law and designed to protect the property of persons doing business with it. For each examination the commissioner shall charge the actual expenses of examination. If the commissioner of commerce determines that the safe deposit company is violating the provisions of this chapter, any law of the state, or has engaged or the commissioner has reason to believe that a licensee is about to engage in an unlawful, unsafe, or unsound practice in the conduct of its business, the commissioner may proceed pursuant to sections 46.24 to 46.33 or serve notice on the safe deposit company of intention to revoke the license, stating in general the grounds therefor and giving reasonable opportunity to be heard. If for a period of 15 days after the notice, the violation continues, the commissioner of commerce may revoke the license and take possession of the business and property of the safe deposit company and maintain possession until the time the commissioner permits it to continue business, or its affairs are finally liquidated. The liquidation must proceed pursuant to sections 49.04 to 49.32.

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