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Every telephone company subject to the provisions of this chapter, wherever organized, shall keep an office in this state, and make such reports to the department as it shall from time to time require. All books, records, and files, whether they relate to competitive or noncompetitive services, and all of its property shall be at all times subject to inspection by the commission and the department. It shall close its accounts and take therefrom a balance sheet on December 31 of each year, and on or before May 1 following, such balance sheet, together with such other information as the department shall require, verified by an officer of the telephone company, shall be filed with the commission and the department, except that a local exchange carrier or a competitive local exchange carrier, as defined in Minnesota Rules, chapter 7811, is only required to file an annual report that includes the company's name, contact person, annual revenue, and status of its 911 update plan.

In the event that any telephone company shall fail to file its annual report, as provided by this section, the department is authorized to make such an examination of the books, records, and vouchers of the company as is necessary to procure the necessary data for the annual report and cause the same to be prepared. The expense of procuring this data and preparing this report shall be paid by the telephone company failing to report, and the amount paid shall be credited by the commissioner of management and budget to funds appropriated for the expense of the department.

The department is authorized to force collection of such sum by an action at law in the name of the department.

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