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(a) When a school intends to cease postsecondary education operations, announces its closure, or is informed by the office that the office anticipates the school's closure due to its licensure status or ability to meet criteria for approval under section 136A.822, subdivision 8, the school must provide the office:

(1) a notice of closure, including the name of the school, the name of the school owner, an active mailing address and telephone number that the school owner may be reached at after the school physically closes, the name of the school director, and the planned date for termination of postsecondary operations;

(2) a report of all students currently enrolled and all students enrolled within the prior 120 days, including the following information for each student: name, address, school e-mail address, alternate e-mail address, program of study, number of credits completed, number of credits remaining, and enrollment status at closure;

(3) a report of refunds due to any student and the amount due;

(4) a written statement from the school's owner or designee affirming that all recruitment efforts, school marketing, advertisement, solicitation, and enrollment of new students has ceased;

(5) a copy of any communication between the school's accreditors about the school closure;

(6) confirmation that the requirements for student records under section 136A.822, subdivision 12, have been satisfied, including:

(i) the planned date for the transfer of the student records;

(ii) confirmation of the name and address of the organization to receive and hold the student records; and

(iii) the official at the organization receiving the student records who is designated to provide official copies of records or transcripts upon request;

(7) academic information, including the school's most recent catalog, all course syllabi, and faculty credential information; and

(8) copies of any teach-out, transfer, or train-out agreement between the school and a new school for students to be able to complete their studies. A teach-out fulfills the original contract or agreement between the closing school and the student. If a teach-out is arranged for another approved school to do the remaining occupational training, that other school must (i) provide comparable education and training and (ii) agree that students transferring from the closing school pay only what the cost of tuition and fees remain unpaid according to the terms and conditions in the enrollment agreement entered into between the student and the closing school.

(b) Without limitation as to other circumstance, a school shall be deemed to have ceased operations when the school:

(1) has an unscheduled nonemergency closure or cancellation of classes for more than 24 hours without prior notice to the office;

(2) announces it is closed or closing;

(3) files for bankruptcy; or

(4) fails to complete a renewal application when required under section 136A.823, subdivision 3.

(c) When a school is deemed to have ceased operations, the office shall provide the school a reasonable time to correct student records and grant credentials. After that time, the office must revoke the school's license. This revocation is not appealable under section 136A.829, subdivision 2.

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