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136A.69 FEES.

Subdivision 1.Registration fees.

(a) The office shall collect reasonable registration fees that are sufficient to recover, but do not exceed, its costs of administering the registration program. The office shall charge the fees listed in paragraphs (b) and (c) for new registrations.

(b) A new school offering no more than one degree at each level during its first year must pay registration fees for each applicable level in the following amounts:

associate degree $2,000
baccalaureate degree $2,500
master's degree $3,000
doctorate degree $3,500

(c) A new school that will offer more than one degree per level during its first year must pay registration fees in an amount equal to the fee for the first degree at each degree level under paragraph (b), plus fees for each additional nondegree program or degree as follows:

nondegree program $250
additional associate degree $250
additional baccalaureate degree $500
additional master's degree $750
additional doctorate degree $1,000

(d) The annual renewal registration fee is $1,500.

Subd. 2.

[Repealed, 2010 c 215 art 2 s 21]

Subd. 3.Degree or nondegree program addition fee.

The office processing fees for adding a degree or nondegree program are as follows:

nondegree program that is part of existing degree -0-
nondegree program that is not a part of an existing degree $250 each
majors, specializations, emphasis areas, concentrations, and other similar areas of emphasis $250 each
associate degrees $500 each
baccalaureate degrees $500 each
master's degrees $750 each
doctorate degrees $2,000 each

Subd. 4.Visit or consulting fee.

If the office determines that a fact-finding visit or outside consultant is necessary to review, investigate, or evaluate any degree or nondegree program or the institution for statutory compliance with the Minnesota Private and Out-of-State Public Postsecondary Education Act, the office shall be reimbursed for the expenses incurred related to the review as follows:

(1) $400 for the team base fee or for a paper review conducted by a consultant if the office determines that a fact-finding visit is not required;

(2) $300 for each day or part thereof on site per team member; and

(3) the actual cost of customary meals, lodging, and related travel expenses incurred by team members.

Subd. 5.Modification fee.

The fee for modification of any existing degree or nondegree program is $100 and is due if there is:

(1) an increase or decrease of 25 percent or more from the original date of program approval, in clock hours, credit hours, or calendar length of an existing degree or nondegree program;

(2) a change in academic measurement from clock hours to credit hours or vice versa; or

(3) an addition or alteration of courses that represent a 25 percent change or more in the objectives, content, or methods of delivery.

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