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Subdivision 1.Scope.

The sections referred to in this section are codified outside this chapter. Those sections classify Department of Public Safety data as other than public, place restrictions on access to government data, or involve data sharing.

Subd. 2.Vehicle registration application data.

Certain information provided in applications for motor vehicle registrations is governed under section 168.10, subdivision 1.

Subd. 3.Motor vehicle registration.

Various data on motor vehicle registrations are classified under sections 168.327, subdivision 3, and 168.346. Use of vehicle registration data is governed by section 168.345.

Subd. 4.Accident report.

Release of accident reports provided to the Department of Public Safety under section 169.09 is governed by section 169.09, subdivision 13.

Subd. 5.Chemical use assessment.

A report of an assessment conducted in connection with a conviction for driving while intoxicated is governed by section 169A.70, subdivisions 3 and 4.

Subd. 6.Driver's license cancellations.

Access to data on individuals whose driver's licenses have been canceled is governed by section 171.043.

Subd. 7.Driver's license photograph or image.

Photographs or electronically produced images taken by the commissioner of public safety for drivers' licenses are classified under section 171.07, subdivision 1a.

Subd. 8.Driver's license photograph; exceptions.

Allowing headwear in a driver's license photograph or allowing driver's license identification other than a photograph, under certain circumstances, are governed under section 171.071.

Subd. 9.Driver's alcohol concentration.

Data on the alcohol concentration of a driver whose driver's license is revoked or suspended are classified under section 171.12, subdivision 2a.

Subd. 10.Driver's license address.

The residence address of certain individuals provided to the commissioner of public safety in drivers' license applications is classified under section 171.12, subdivision 7.

Subd. 11.Driver's license cancellation due to blindness.

Data on a visual examination performed for purposes of driver's license cancellation are classified under section 171.32, subdivision 3.

Subd. 12.Criminal alert network.

Data on private sector members of the criminal alert network are classified under section 299A.61, subdivision 2.

Subd. 13.Undercover buy fund.

Records relating to applications for grants under section 299C.065 are classified under section 299C.065, subdivision 4.

Subd. 14.Criminal gang investigative data system.

Data in the criminal gang investigative data system are classified in section 299C.091.

Subd. 15.Registered predatory offenders.

Data maintained relating to predatory offenders are governed by section 299C.093.

Subd. 16.Juvenile history data.

Data maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in the juvenile history record system are governed by section 299C.095.

Subd. 17.DNA evidence.

DNA identification data maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are governed by sections 299C.11 and 299C.155.

Subd. 17a.CIBRS data.

Data relating to the Comprehensive Incident Based Reporting System are governed by section 299C.40.

Subd. 18.Criminal justice information network.

Data collected by the criminal justice data communications network are classified under section 299C.46, subdivision 5.

Subd. 19.Access to criminal justice database.

Access by criminal justice agencies to the criminal justice data communications network maintained by the Department of Public Safety is governed by section 299C.48.

Subd. 20.Missing children.

Identifying information on missing children is governed under sections 299C.53 and 299C.56.

Subd. 20a.Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact.

Data sharing under the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact is governed by section 299C.58.

Subd. 21.Residence managers.

Data gathered for a background check of a residence manager are governed by section 299C.68.

Subd. 22.Fire department access to criminal history data.

Access to criminal history data by fire departments is governed by section 299F.035.

Subd. 23.

[Repealed, 2016 c 158 art 4 s 5]

Subd. 24.Arson investigation; reporting.

Arson investigation data relating to reporting requirements are governed by section 299F.05.

Subd. 25.Fire insurance information.

Data gathered by an insurance company following a fire loss or related to a potential fire loss are governed by sections 299F.054, 299F.055, and 299F.056.

Subd. 26.Arson investigation; evidence, enforcement.

Data maintained as part of arson investigations are governed by sections 299F.055 and 299F.056.

Subd. 27.Hazardous substance emergency.

Data collected by a fire department under sections 299F.091 to 299F.099 are classified under sections 299F.095 and 299F.096, subdivision 1.

Subd. 28.Records of state fire marshal.

Records on file in the State Fire Marshal's Office are governed by section 299F.28.

Subd. 28a.Use and storage of explosives.

Data related to the use and storage of explosives by individuals holding a permit are governed by sections 299F.28 and 299F.75, subdivision 4.

Subd. 29.Pipeline safety.

Data related to the pipeline safety responsibilities of the commissioner of public safety are governed by section 299F.63.

Subd. 30.Office of Pipeline Safety.

Data obtained by the director of the Office of Pipeline Safety are classified under section 299J.13.

Subd. 31.Director of alcohol and gambling enforcement.

Access by the director of alcohol and gambling enforcement of the Department of Public Safety to criminal history data on licensees, contractors, and employees of the State Lottery, Racing Commission, or Gambling Control Board is governed by section 299L.03, subdivision 4.

Subd. 32.Gambling enforcement investigative data.

Data provided to the director of the Division of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement by a governmental entity located outside Minnesota for use in an authorized investigation, audit, or background check are governed by section 299L.03, subdivision 11.

Subd. 33.Citizenship data; voter registration.

The use of citizenship data reported to the secretary of state is governed by section 201.145.

Subd. 34.Motor vehicle registration audit trail data.

Access to data related to motor vehicle registration audit trails is governed by section 168.33, subdivision 2.

Subd. 35.Driver and vehicle services audit trail data.

Access to data related to certain driver and vehicle services information system audit trails is governed by section 171.12, subdivision 1a.

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