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103D.345 PERMITS.

Subdivision 1.Application fee.

A person applying for a permit required by the managers under a rule controlling the use and development of land in the floodplain, greenbelt, and open space areas of the watershed district must accompany the application with a permit application fee to defray the cost of recording and processing the application. The managers may set the fee not to exceed $10.

Subd. 2.Field inspection fee.

The managers may charge, in addition, a field inspection fee of at least $35. The inspection fee must be used to cover actual costs related to a field inspection. Inspection costs include investigation of the area affected by the proposed activity, analysis of the proposed activity, services of a consultant, and any required subsequent monitoring of the proposed activity. Costs of monitoring an activity authorized by permit may be charged and collected as necessary after issuance of the permit.

Subd. 3.Government agencies exempt.

The fees in subdivisions 1 and 2 may not be charged to the federal government, the state, or a political subdivision.

Subd. 4.Bond.

The managers may require an applicant for a permit to file a bond with the managers in an amount set by the managers and conditioned on performance by the applicant of authorized activities in conformance with the terms of the permit.

Subd. 5.Applicability of permit requirements to state.

A rule adopted by the managers that requires a permit for an activity applies to the Department of Transportation.

Subd. 6.General permits.

A watershed district may issue general permits for public transportation projects for work on existing roads.

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