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When any portion of the channel of any river navigable for commercial purposes within the limits of any city in this state is changed by or under the authority of the United States government or any other authority for the improvement of navigation and the cost of such change or any portion thereof is borne by the city within which change is made the old bed of the river or portion thereof abandoned by reason of any such change, shall belong to and become the property in fee simple of the city in which the same is situate without further act or ceremony. The recording, in the office of the county recorder of the county in which such city is located, of a copy of this section together with the filing of a plat or map certified by the secretary of defense of the United States or the United States government engineer in charge of the changes of the channel hereinbefore referred to, showing the respective locations of the water line of the old or original bed of the river and such changed location, shall constitute sufficient evidence of title of such city to the old river bed and lands hereinbefore referred to. Upon the request of any such city the governor and the commissioner of management and budget shall also execute and deliver to such city a deed of conveyance transferring all of the right, title, and interest of the state of Minnesota in and to such old river bed and lands within the limits of such city, and the lands so reclaimed or acquired may be held, used, or disposed of by such city as the common council shall determine to be for the best interests of such city.

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