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Any person not exempted from the requirement for licensure under chapter 245A receiving a child in the person's home:

(1) because of the death, injury, or illness of the child's parent if the person intends to keep the child for more than 30 days; or

(2) with intent to adopt the child or keep the child permanently, except a person receiving a child from an authorized agency, must notify the commissioner of human services in writing within 30 days after the child is received. Notice shall state the true name of the child; the child's last previous address; the name and address of the child's parents or legal guardian and of persons with whom the child last resided; and the names and addresses of persons who placed the child in the home, arranged for, or assisted with arrangements for the child's placement there; and such other facts about the child or the home as the commissioner may require. It is the duty of the commissioner or a designated agent to investigate the circumstances surrounding the child's entry into the home and to take appropriate action to assure for the child, the biological parents, and the foster parents the full protection of all laws of Minnesota relating to custody and foster care of children. Except as provided by section 317A.907, no person shall solicit, receive, or accept any payment, promise of payment, or compensation, for placing a child in foster care or for assisting to place a child in foster care. Nor shall any person pay or promise to pay or in any way compensate any person, for placing or for assisting to place a child in foster care.

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