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Subdivision 1.Purpose.

When communist North Korean troops invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950, the United States took immediate action to defend the freedom of a people unjustly attacked. Leading a coalition of 20 other nations, American and South Korean troops fought to advance liberty and opportunity, and to overcome cruelty and repression. More than 1.7 million members of the United States armed forces faced forbidding terrain, harsh weather, and brutal combat while demonstrating extraordinary honor, skill, and courage to beat back the invading enemy forces. More than 34,000 American men and women, including over 700 Minnesotans, sacrificed their lives in battle during that war. Another 92,000 American troops were wounded, and more than 8,000 have been listed as missing in action or taken prisoner.

The Military Armistice Agreement of July 27, 1953, ended the three years of bitter warfare stopping the spread of communism on the Korean Peninsula and signaling to the world America's resolve to stand against tyrannical and totalitarian regimes. Today, South Korea stands as a shining example of the economic and social benefits of democracy.

The purpose of this section is to perpetually honor the brave men and women, living and dead, who comprise America's Korean War veterans.

Subd. 2.Designation.

July 27 of each year is designated as Korean War Armistice Day in Minnesota.


2008 c 265 s 1