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Subdivision 1.Cooperative plan.

Every corporation, society, or association which issues a certificate or policy or makes an agreement with its members by which, upon the decease of a member, any money is to be paid to, or benefit conferred upon, the legal representatives or designated beneficiaries of such member, or reaching a certain age, to pay any money or benefit to the member, such money or benefit to be derived from voluntary donations, admission fees, dues, or assessments to be collected from its members or any class thereof, and which reserves the right to make any additional assessments, or without the consent of the certificate or policyholder to increase the premium named therein, shall be deemed to be engaged in the business of life insurance upon the cooperative or assessment plan. Every corporation which likewise agrees, in case of accident, sickness, or other physical disability, or reaching a certain age, to pay money or confer benefits likewise derived and issuing certificates or policies with similar conditions with reference to the payment of dues or assessments, shall be deemed to be engaged in the business of casualty insurance upon the cooperative or assessment plan, and shall, except as herein otherwise specified, be subject to the provisions of sections 61A.39 to 61A.42 and 61A.44 to 61A.50.

Subd. 2.Continued corporate existence.

Notwithstanding the repeal of sections 63.01, 63.011, and 63.02 to 63.35 pursuant to Laws 1983, chapter 104, section 1, any corporation, society or association formed or having existed under Laws 1933, chapter 241, whether or not it amended its articles of incorporation in accordance with Laws 1945, chapter 178, as amended by Laws 1951, chapter 257, and which has transformed itself into a cooperative life insurance company to engage in business under the cooperative plan, shall be and continue to exist as a corporation by virtue of the provisions hereof and may exercise and shall continue to have and to hold all the rights, privileges and powers which it had, prior to the repeal of such sections, including those derived under Laws 1945, chapter 178, section 1, as amended by Laws 1951, chapter 257, section 2.


1967 c 395 art 2 s 39; 1984 c 602 s 1; 1986 c 444

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Revisor of Statutes