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Subdivision 1.Legislative and quasi-judicial functions.

The functions of the commission shall be legislative and quasi-judicial in nature. It may make such investigations and determinations, hold such hearings, prescribe such rules, and issue such orders with respect to the control and conduct of the businesses coming within its jurisdiction as the legislature itself might make but only as it shall from time to time authorize. It may adjudicate all proceedings brought before it in which the violation of any law or rule administered by the Department of Commerce is alleged.

Subd. 2.Powers generally.

The commission shall, to the extent prescribed by law:

(1) investigate the management of all warehouse operators and telegraph companies, the manner in which their businesses are conducted and the adequacies of the services which they are affording to the public, and make all appropriate orders relating to the continuation, termination, or modification of all services and facilities with a view to properly promoting the security and convenience of the public;

(2) review and ascertain the reasonableness of tariffs of rates, fares, and charges, or any part or classification thereof, and prescribe the form and manner of filing, posting, and publication thereof;

(3) prescribe uniform systems of keeping and rendering accounts and the time within which such systems shall be adopted;

(4) order the issuance of franchises, permits or certificates of convenience and necessity.

Subd. 3.Manner of fact-finding.

The commission may:

(1) subpoena, in the same manner a district court summons is served, at such time and place as it may designate, any books, papers, or accounts kept by any regulated business within or without the state, or compel production of verified copies in lieu thereof;

(2) prepare all forms or blanks for the purpose of obtaining information which it may deem necessary or useful in the proper exercise of its authority and duties in connection with regulated businesses, and prescribe the time and manner within which such blanks and forms shall be completed and filed with it;

(3) inspect, at all reasonable times, and copy the books, records, memoranda, correspondence, or other documents and records of any business under its jurisdiction;

(4) examine, under oath, any officer, agent, or employee thereof in relation to its business and affairs.

Subd. 4.Performance of commission functions.

The commission shall exercise each and every legislative function imposed by law on it.

Subd. 5.Hearing upon petition.

With respect to those matters within its jurisdiction the commission shall receive, hear, and determine all petitions filed with it in accordance with the rules of practice and procedure promulgated by the commission, and may investigate, hold hearings, and make determinations upon its own motion to the same extent, and in every instance, in which it may do so upon petition.

Subd. 6.Operation with regard to federal law.

The commission is authorized:

(1) to cooperate with all federal agencies for the purpose of harmonizing state and federal regulations within the state to the extent and in the manner deemed advisable;

(2) to conduct joint hearings with any federal agency or commission within or without the state and participate in any proceedings before any federal agency or commission when it considers such participation advisable and in the interest of the people of this state;

(3) to nominate members to any joint board as provided by federal acts.

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