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Subdivision 1.Scope.

The definitions in this section apply to sections 116.96 to 116.99.

Subd. 2.Agency.

"Agency" means the Pollution Control Agency.

Subd. 3.Clean Air Act.

"Clean Air Act" means the federal Clean Air Act, United States Code, title 42, section 7401 et seq., as amended.

Subd. 4.Commissioner.

"Commissioner" means the commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency.

Subd. 5.Regulated pollutant.

"Regulated pollutant" means:

(1) a volatile organic compound that participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions;

(2) a pollutant for which a national ambient air quality standard has been promulgated;

(3) a pollutant that is addressed by a standard promulgated under section 7411 or 7412 of the Clean Air Act; or

(4) any pollutant that is regulated under this chapter or air quality rules adopted under this chapter.

Subd. 6.Small business stationary source.

"Small business stationary source" means a business that:

(1) is owned or operated by a person that employs 100 or fewer individuals;

(2) is a small business concern as defined in the Small Business Act, United States Code, title 15, section 632(a);

(3) is not a major stationary source as defined in section 7661 of the Clean Air Act;

(4) does not emit 50 tons or more per year of any regulated pollutant; and

(5) emits less than 75 tons per year of all regulated pollutants.

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