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Subdivision 1.Certain controlled substance offenses.

Upon the dismissal and discharge of proceedings against a person under section 152.18, subdivision 1, for violation of section 152.024, 152.025, or 152.027 for possession of a controlled substance, the person may petition under section 609A.03 for the sealing of all records relating to the arrest, indictment or information, trial, and dismissal and discharge.

Subd. 2.Juveniles prosecuted as adults.

A petition for the sealing of a conviction record may be filed under section 609A.03 by a person who has been committed to the custody of the commissioner of corrections upon conviction of a crime following certification to district court under section 260B.125, if the person:

(1) is finally discharged by the commissioner; or

(2) has been placed on probation by the court under section 609.135 and has been discharged from probation after satisfactory fulfillment of it.

Subd. 3.Certain criminal proceedings.

(a) A petition may be filed under section 609A.03 to seal all records relating to an arrest, indictment or information, trial, or verdict if the records are not subject to section 299C.11, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), and if:

(1) all pending actions or proceedings were resolved in favor of the petitioner. For purposes of this chapter, a verdict of not guilty by reason of mental illness is not a resolution in favor of the petitioner. For the purposes of this chapter, an action or proceeding is resolved in favor of the petitioner, if the petitioner received an order under section 590.11 determining that the petitioner is eligible for compensation based on exoneration;

(2) the petitioner has successfully completed the terms of a diversion program or stay of adjudication and has not been charged with a new crime for at least one year since completion of the diversion program or stay of adjudication;

(3) the petitioner was convicted of or received a stayed sentence for a petty misdemeanor or misdemeanor and has not been convicted of a new crime for at least two years since discharge of the sentence for the crime;

(4) the petitioner was convicted of or received a stayed sentence for a gross misdemeanor and has not been convicted of a new crime for at least four years since discharge of the sentence for the crime; or

(5) the petitioner was convicted of or received a stayed sentence for a felony violation of an offense listed in paragraph (b), and has not been convicted of a new crime for at least five years since discharge of the sentence for the crime.

(b) Paragraph (a), clause (5), applies to the following offenses:

(1) section 35.824 (altering livestock certificate);

(2) section 62A.41 (insurance regulations);

(3) section 86B.865, subdivision 1 (certification for title on watercraft);

(4) section 152.025 (controlled substance in the fifth degree); or 152.097 (sale of simulated controlled substance);

(5) section 168A.30, subdivision 1 (certificate of title false information); or 169.09, subdivision 14, paragraph (a), clause (2) (accident resulting in great bodily harm);

(6) chapter 201; 203B; or 204C (voting violations);

(7) section 228.45; 228.47; 228.49; 228.50; or 228.51 (false bill of lading);

(8) section 256.984 (false declaration in assistance application);

(9) section 296A.23, subdivision 2 (willful evasion of fuel tax);

(10) section 297D.09, subdivision 1 (failure to affix stamp on scheduled substances);

(11) section 297G.19 (liquor taxation); or 340A.701 (unlawful acts involving liquor);

(12) section 325F.743 (precious metal dealers); or 325F.755, subdivision 7 (prize notices and solicitations);

(13) section 346.155, subdivision 10 (failure to control regulated animal);

(14) section 349.2127; or 349.22 (gambling regulations);

(15) section 588.20 (contempt);

(16) section 609.27, subdivision 1, clauses (2) to (5) (coercion);

(17) section 609.31 (leaving state to evade establishment of paternity);

(18) section 609.485, subdivision 4, paragraph (a), clause (2) or (4) (escape from civil commitment for mental illness);

(19) section 609.49 (failure to appear in court);

(20) section 609.52, subdivision 3, clause (3)(a) (theft of $5,000 or less), or other theft offense that is sentenced under this provision; or 609.52, subdivision 3a, clause (1) (theft of $1,000 or less with risk of bodily harm);

(21) section 609.525 (bringing stolen goods into state);

(22) section 609.526, subdivision 2, clause (2) (metal dealer receiving stolen goods);

(23) section 609.527, subdivision 5b (possession or use of scanning device or reencoder); 609.528, subdivision 3, clause (3) (possession or sale of stolen or counterfeit check); or 609.529 (mail theft);

(24) section 609.53 (receiving stolen goods);

(25) section 609.535, subdivision 2a, paragraph (a), clause (1) (dishonored check over $500);

(26) section 609.54, clause (1) (embezzlement of public funds $2,500 or less);

(27) section 609.551 (rustling and livestock theft);

(28) section 609.5641, subdivision 1a, paragraph (a) (wildfire arson);

(29) section 609.576, subdivision 1, clause (3), item (iii) (negligent fires);

(30) section 609.595, subdivision 1, clauses (2) to (4), and subdivision 1a, paragraph (a) (criminal damage to property);

(31) section 609.597, subdivision 3, clause (3) (assaulting or harming police horse);

(32) section 609.625 (aggravated forgery); 609.63 (forgery); 609.631, subdivision 4, clause (3)(a) (check forgery $2,500 or less); 609.635 (obtaining signature by false pretense); 609.64 (recording, filing forged instrument); or 609.645 (fraudulent statements);

(33) section 609.65, clause (1) (false certification by notary); or 609.651, subdivision 4, paragraph (a) (lottery fraud);

(34) section 609.652 (fraudulent driver's license and identification card);

(35) section 609.66, subdivision 1a, paragraph (a) (discharge of firearm; silencer); or 609.66, subdivision 1b (furnishing firearm to minor);

(36) section 609.662, subdivision 2, paragraph (b) (duty to render aid);

(37) section 609.686, subdivision 2 (tampering with fire alarm);

(38) section 609.746, subdivision 1, paragraph (e) (interference with privacy; subsequent violation or minor victim);

(39) section 609.80, subdivision 2 (interference with cable communications system);

(40) section 609.821, subdivision 2 (financial transaction card fraud);

(41) section 609.822 (residential mortgage fraud);

(42) section 609.825, subdivision 2 (bribery of participant or official in contest);

(43) section 609.855, subdivision 2, paragraph (c), clause (1) (interference with transit operator);

(44) section 609.88 (computer damage); or 609.89 (computer theft);

(45) section 609.893, subdivision 2 (telecommunications and information services fraud);

(46) section 609.894, subdivision 3 or 4 (cellular counterfeiting);

(47) section 609.895, subdivision 3, paragraph (a) or (b) (counterfeited intellectual property);

(48) section 609.896 (movie pirating);

(49) section 624.7132, subdivision 15, paragraph (b) (transfer pistol to minor); 624.714, subdivision 1a (pistol without permit; subsequent violation); or 624.7141, subdivision 2 (transfer of pistol to ineligible person); or

(50) section 624.7181 (rifle or shotgun in public by minor).

(c) Paragraph (a), clause (3) or (4), does not apply if the crime involved domestic abuse or sexual assault, as defined in section 518B.01, subdivision 2, or to violation of an order for protection under section 518B.01, subdivision 14, a harassment restraining order under section 609.748, subdivision 6, a violation of section 609.749, or a violation of section 629.75. This paragraph expires on July 15, 2015.

[See Note.]

Subd. 4.Expungement prohibited.

Records of a conviction of an offense for which registration is required under section 243.166 may not be expunged.

NOTE: The amendment to subdivision 3 by Laws 2014, chapter 246, section 6, is effective January 1, 2015. Laws 2014, chapter 246, section 6, the effective date.

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