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Subdivision 1.Religious faith, creed, race, color.

No written instrument hereafter made, relating to or affecting real estate, shall contain any provision against conveying, mortgaging, encumbering, or leasing any real estate to any person of a specified religious faith, creed, race or color, nor shall any such written instrument contain any provision of any kind or character discriminating against any class of persons because of their religious faith, creed, race or color. In every such provision any form of expression or description which is commonly understood as designating or describing a religious faith, creed, race or color shall have the same effect as if its ordinary name were used therein.

Subd. 2.Restriction only is void.

Every provision referred to in subdivision 1 shall be void, but the instrument shall have full force in all other respects and shall be construed as if no such provision were contained therein.

Subd. 3.Words constructively defined.

As used in this section the phrase "written instruments relating to or affecting real estate," embraces every writing relating to or affecting any right, title, or interest in real estate, and includes, among other things, plats and wills; and the word "provision" embraces all clauses, stipulations, restrictions, covenants, and conditions of the kind or character referred to in subdivision 1.

Subd. 4.Civil action; damages.

Every person who violates subdivision 1, or aids or incites another to do so, shall be liable in a civil action to the person aggrieved in damages not exceeding $500.

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