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Subdivision 1.Filing.

If a document is required to be filed by this chapter or any rules adopted pursuant to authority granted by this chapter, the filing shall be completed by the receipt of the document at the division, department, office, or the court of appeals. The division, department, office, and the court of appeals shall accept any document which has been delivered to it for legal filing, but may refuse to accept any form or document that lacks the name of the injured employee, employer, or insurer, the date of injury, or the injured employee's Social Security number. If a workers' compensation identification number has been assigned by the department, it may be substituted for the Social Security number on a form or document. If the injured employee has fewer than three days of lost time from work, the party submitting the required document must attach to it, at the time of filing, a copy of the first report of injury.

A notice or other document required to be served or filed at either the department, the office, or the court of appeals which is inadvertently served or filed at the wrong one of these agencies shall be deemed to have been served or filed with the proper agency. The receiving agency shall note the date of receipt of a document and shall forward the documents to the proper agency no later than two working days following receipt.

Subd. 2.Proof of service.

Whenever a provision of this chapter or rules adopted pursuant to authority granted by this chapter require either a proof of service or affidavit of service, the requirement is satisfied by the inclusion of a proof of service on the document which has been served, in a form acceptable by the state district courts or approved by the commissioner.

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