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Sections 117.031; 117.036; 117.055, subdivision 2, paragraph (b); 117.186; 117.187; 117.188; and 117.52, subdivisions 1a and 4, do not apply to the use of eminent domain authority by public service corporations for any purpose other than construction or expansion of:

(1) a high-voltage transmission line of 100 kilovolts or more, or ancillary substations; or

(2) a natural gas, petroleum, or petroleum products pipeline, or ancillary compressor stations or pumping stations.

For purposes of an award of appraisal fees under section 117.085, the fees awarded may not exceed $1,500 for all types of property except for a public service corporation's use of eminent domain for a high-voltage transmission line, where the award may not exceed $3,000.

For purposes of this section, "pipeline" does not include a natural gas distribution line transporting gas to an end user.