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In counties having a population of less than 600,000 and containing a city of the first class, on the filing of any application for registration, the applicant shall pay the court administrator the sum of $3, which shall be in full of all court administrator's fees and charges in such proceedings on the applicant's behalf. Any defendant on entering an appearance shall pay a like sum, which shall be in full of all court administrator's fees on the defendant's behalf. When any number of defendants enter their appearance jointly but one fee shall be paid. Every publication in a newspaper required by this law shall be paid for by the party on whose application the publication is made. The party at whose request any notice is issued shall pay for the service of the same, except when sent by mail by the court administrator or by the registrar. In all other counties the fees of the court administrator of the district court for services performed in connection with duties in proceedings for the registration of a land title shall be governed by the provisions of section 357.021.