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Subdivision 1.Clothing and care.

The county board shall provide suitable jail clothing, without distinctive marks, underclothing, linen and bedding, towels, and medical aid for prisoners, and fuel for the jail and, if adjoining and connected, the sheriff's residence. The sheriff may require a prisoner to wear jail clothing during confinement, but shall restore personal clothing upon discharge. No prisoner must be required to wear clothing previously used until it has been thoroughly cleansed. The sheriff or jailer shall keep the jail in a clean and healthy condition, have each prisoner's clothing washed at least once a week, furnish to each sufficient clean water for drinking and bathing, and serve each three times a day with a sufficient quantity of wholesome, well cooked food.

Subd. 2.Medical aid.

Except as provided in section 466.101, the county board shall pay the costs of medical services provided to prisoners. The amount paid by the Anoka county board for a medical service shall not exceed the maximum allowed medical assistance payment rate for the service, as determined by the commissioner of human services. For all other counties, medical providers shall charge no higher than the rate negotiated between the county and the provider. In the absence of an agreement between the county and the provider, the provider may charge no more than the discounted rate the provider has negotiated with the nongovernmental third-party payer that provided the most revenue to the provider during the previous calendar year. The county is entitled to reimbursement from the prisoner for payment of medical bills to the extent that the prisoner to whom the medical aid was provided has the ability to pay the bills. The prisoner shall, at a minimum, incur co-payment obligations for health care services provided by a county correctional facility. The county board shall determine the co-payment amount. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the co-payment shall be deducted from any of the prisoner's funds held by the county, to the extent possible. If there is a disagreement between the county and a prisoner concerning the prisoner's ability to pay, the court with jurisdiction over the defendant shall determine the extent, if any, of the prisoner's ability to pay for the medical services. If a prisoner is covered by health or medical insurance or other health plan when medical services are provided, the county providing the medical services has a right of subrogation to be reimbursed by the insurance carrier for all sums spent by it for medical services to the prisoner that are covered by the policy of insurance or health plan, in accordance with the benefits, limitations, exclusions, provider restrictions, and other provisions of the policy or health plan. The county may maintain an action to enforce this subrogation right. The county does not have a right of subrogation against the medical assistance program or the general assistance medical care program.

Subd. 3.Intake procedure; health coverage.

As part of its intake procedure for new prisoners, the sheriff shall ask the prisoner whether the prisoner has health coverage. If the prisoner has coverage under a policy of accident and health insurance regulated under chapter 62A, a health maintenance contract regulated under chapter 62D, a group subscriber contract regulated under chapter 62C, a health benefit certificate regulated under chapter 64B, a self-insured plan, or other health coverage, the prisoner shall provide to the sheriff the name of the carrier or administrator and other information and authorizations necessary for the sheriff to obtain specific information about coverage.

Subd. 3a.Intake procedure; approved mental health screening.

As part of its intake procedure for new prisoners, the sheriff or local corrections shall use a mental health screening tool approved by the commissioner of corrections in consultation with the commissioner of human services and local corrections staff to identify persons who may have mental illness.

Subd. 4.Health care in compliance with coverage.

A county board may authorize the sheriff to fulfill the county board's obligation to provide the medical aid required by subdivision 1 in accordance with the terms of the health plan covering the prisoner, where possible, subject to any rules and exceptions provided by the county board. The sheriff has no obligation to the prisoner to obtain the prisoner's health care in accordance with the prisoner's health coverage.

Subd. 5.Scope.

Subdivisions 2, 3, and 4 apply to any medical aid, including dental care, provided to prisoners held in a county jail or workhouse.

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