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Subdivision 1.Hunting with bows released by mechanical devices.

(a) A person may not hunt with a bow drawn, held, or released by a mechanical device, except with a disabled hunter permit issued under section 97B.106 or as provided in paragraph (b).

(b) A person may use a mechanical device attached to the bowstring if the person's own strength draws, holds, and releases the bowstring.

Subd. 1a.Minimum draw weight.

A bow used to take big game or turkey must have a pull that meets or exceeds 30 pounds at or before full draw.

Subd. 2.Possession of crossbows.

A person may not possess a crossbow outdoors or in a motor vehicle during the open season for any game, unless the crossbow is unstrung, and in a case or in a closed trunk of a motor vehicle.

Subd. 3.Poisoned and explosive arrows.

A person may not hunt with an arrow that is poisoned or has an explosive tip.

Subd. 4.Authority of commissioner.

The commissioner may not impose restrictions on the possession, transportation, or use of archery equipment except as specifically authorized by law.

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