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Subdivision 1.Applicability.

The terms in this section apply to sections 626A.35 to 626A.39.

Subd. 2.Wire communication; electronic communication; electronic communication service.

The terms "wire communication," "electronic communication," and "electronic communication service" have the meanings set forth for the terms in section 626A.01.

Subd. 3.Pen register.

"Pen register" means a device that records or decodes electronic or other impulses that identify the number dialed or otherwise transmitted on the telephone line to which the device is attached, but the term does not include a device used by a provider or customer of a wire or electronic communications service for billing, or recording as an incident to billing, for communications services provided by the provider or a device used by a provider or customer of a wire communication service for cost accounting or other like purposes in the ordinary course of its business.

Subd. 4.Trap and trace device.

"Trap and trace device" means a device which captures the incoming electronic or other impulses that identify the originating number of an instrument or device from which a wire or electronic communication was transmitted.

Subd. 5.Mobile tracking device.

"Mobile tracking device" means an electronic or mechanical device that permits the tracking of the movement of a person or object.


1988 c 577 s 60,62; 1989 c 336 art 1 s 13; art 2 s 8

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Revisor of Statutes