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Subdivision 1.

[Repealed, 2001 c 191 s 9]

Subd. 2.Parks.

The council shall review local government park master plans pursuant to section 473.313. The Metropolitan Council shall approve the use of moneys made available for land acquisition to local units of government from the land and conservation fund, the open space program of HUD, the natural resources account in the state treasury, if the use thereof conforms with the system of priorities established by law as part of a comprehensive plan for the development of parks; otherwise it shall disapprove of the use thereof.

Subd. 3.

[Repealed, 1994 c 628 art 3 s 209]

Subd. 4.

[Repealed, 1995 c 247 art 2 s 55]

Subd. 5.Airports.

The council shall review Metropolitan Airports Commission capital projects pursuant to section 473.621, subdivision 6. The plans of the Metropolitan Airports Commission and the development of the metropolitan airports system by the commission shall, as provided in sections 473.611, subdivision 5, and 473.655, be consistent with the development guide of the council.