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Subdivision 1.When payment required.

The commissioner of finance shall assess each board, agency, or other public entity, other than the higher education systems described in Laws 1992, chapter 558, section 31, for the amount that would otherwise need to be paid for debt service with respect to general obligation bonds sold to finance capital improvement projects for the entity if the law authorizing the project requires debt service for the project to be paid by the agency.

Subd. 2.Method of payment.

After each sale of state general obligation bonds, the commissioner of finance shall notify the entity of the amounts for which the entity is responsible under subdivision 1 for each year for the life of the bonds. Each entity shall pay its assessment of debt service payments to the commissioner of finance by December 1 each year. If an entity fails to make an assessment payment when due, the commissioner of finance shall reduce allotments for appropriations from the appropriate accounts to be used by the entity to pay the assessment payment and apply the amount of the reduction to cover the missed payment. The commissioner of finance shall credit the payments received from the entities, or the amount of the reduction made, to the bond debt service account in the state bond fund each December 1 before money is transferred from the general fund under section 16A.641, subdivision 10.


1992 c 558 s 32