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Subdivision 1.Borrowing power.

The board may authorize the borrowing of money for any district purpose and provide for the repayment thereof, subject to chapter 475. The taxes initially levied by any district in accordance with section 475.61 for the payment of its bonds, upon property within each municipality included in the district, shall be included in computing the levy of such municipality.

Subd. 2.Bond issuance.

The board may authorize the issuance of bonds or obligations of the district to provide funds for the construction, improvement, or acquisition of any system, works, or facilities for any district purpose, or for refunding any prior bonds or obligations issued for any such purpose, and may pledge the full faith and credit of the district or the proceeds of tax levies or assessments or service, use, or rental charges, or any combination thereof, to the payment of such bonds or obligations and interest thereon or expenses incident thereto. An election or vote of the people of the district shall be required to authorize the issuance of any such bonds or obligations. Except as otherwise provided in sections 115.18 to 115.37, the forms and procedures for issuing and selling bonds and provisions for payment thereof shall comply with the provisions of chapter 475, as now in force or hereafter amended.