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Subdivision 1.Applicability.

The definitions in this section apply to sections 103F.701 to 103F.761.

Subd. 2.Agency.

"Agency" means the Pollution Control Agency.

Subd. 3.Best management practices.

"Best management practices" means practices, techniques, and measures, that prevent or reduce water pollution from nonpoint sources by using the most effective and practicable means of achieving water quality goals. Best management practices include, but are not limited to, official controls, structural and nonstructural controls, and operation and maintenance procedures.

Subd. 4.Commissioner.

"Commissioner" means the commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency.

Subd. 5.Local unit of government.

"Local unit of government" means a statutory or home rule charter city, town, county, soil and water conservation district, watershed district, an organization formed for the joint exercise of powers under section 471.59, and any other special purpose district or authority exercising authority in water and related land resources management at the local level.

Subd. 6.Nonpoint source.

"Nonpoint source" is a land management activity or land use activity that contributes or may contribute to ground and surface water pollution as a result of runoff, seepage, or percolation and that is not defined as a point source in section 115.01, subdivision 11. Nonpoint sources include rural and urban land management activities and land use activities and specialty land use activities such as transportation.

Subd. 7.Official controls.

"Official controls" means ordinances and regulations that control the physical development of the whole or part of a local government unit or that implement the general objectives of the local government unit.

Subd. 8.Project.

"Project" means the diagnostic study of water pollution caused by nonpoint sources of water pollution, a plan to implement best management practices, and the physical features constructed or actions taken by a local unit of government to implement best management practices.

Subd. 9.Water pollution.

"Water pollution" means water pollution as defined in section 115.01, subdivision 13.

Subd. 10.Waters of the state.

"Waters of the state" means waters as defined in section 115.01, subdivision 22.

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