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When any person, under color of title in fee and in good faith, has peaceably taken possession
of land for which that person has given a valuable consideration, or when any person has taken
possession of land under the official deed of any person or officer empowered by law or by any
court of competent jurisdiction to sell land, and such deed is regular upon its face, and the person
has no actual notice of any defects invalidating the same, neither such person, nor the person's
heirs, representatives, or assigns, shall be ejected from such land, except as hereinafter provided,
until compensation is tendered the person or the person's heirs, representatives, or assigns for such
improvement which the person or the person's heirs, representatives, or assigns have made upon
such land previous to actual notice of the claim upon which the action is founded, or, in case of
possession under an official deed, previous to actual notice of defects invalidating the same. The
word "improvement" shall be construed to include all kinds of buildings and fences, and ditching,
draining, grubbing, clearing, breaking, and all other necessary or useful labor of permanent value
to the land. When the occupant holds as heir, devisee, or grantee, either immediate or remote, of
any person who is not a resident of the state, the good faith of the original taker shall be presumed.
History: (9565) RL s 4434; 1986 c 444

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes