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    When a sale of real property is made upon execution, or pursuant to a judgment or order of a
court, unless otherwise specified therein, the officer shall execute and deliver to the purchaser a
certificate containing:
    (1) a description of the execution, judgment, or order;
    (2) a description of the property;
    (3) the date of the sale and the name of the purchaser;
    (4) the price paid for each parcel separately;
    (5) if subject to redemption, the time allowed by law therefor; and
    (6) the amount of the debtor's homestead exemption, if any, as determined under section
    Such certificate shall be executed, acknowledged, and recorded in the manner provided by
law for a conveyance of real property, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts stated, and, upon
expiration of the time for redemption, shall operate as a conveyance to the purchaser of all the
right, title, and interest of the person whose property is sold in and to the same, at the date of the
lien upon which the same was sold. Any person desiring to perpetuate evidence that any real
property sold under this section was not homestead real property may procure an affidavit by the
person enforcing the judgment, or that person's attorney, or someone having knowledge of the
facts, setting forth that the real property was not homestead real property. The affidavit shall be
recorded by the county recorder or registrar of titles, and the affidavit and certified copies of the
affidavit shall be prima facie evidence of the facts stated in the affidavit.
History: (9437) RL s 4308; 2007 c 105 s 11; 2007 c 106 s 19

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes