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    Subdivision 1. Definitions. (a) In sections 383B.158 to 383B.1585, the definitions in this
subdivision apply.
(b) "Best value" describes a result intended in acquiring design-build services. Best value
determination must include price and must measure a responder's qualifications, experience, prior
performance, and responses to technical and qualitative criteria.
(c) "County board" means the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners.
(d) "Design-build selection panel" means the individuals appointed by the county to advise
the county administrator and county board in preparing and conducting the design-build selection
process. At least three members of the committee must be individuals who are not county
employees, a minimum of two members must be professionally licensed under chapter 326, and at
least one must be or must have been a commercial contractor. No committee member shall have
personal financial interest in the project or with any of the design-build proposals.
(e) "Design-build contract" means a single contract between the county and a design-builder
to furnish the architectural, engineering, and related design services as well as the labor, materials,
supplies, equipment, and construction services for a project.
(f) "Design-build firm" means a proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership,
joint venture, corporation, or any type of limited liability company, professional corporation, or
any legal entity.
(g) "Design-builder" means the design-build firm that proposes to design and build a project
governed by the procedures of this section.
(h) "Design professional" means a person who holds or employs individuals who hold a
license under chapter 326 and who is required to be registered under Minnesota law.
(i) "Primary designer" means the designer who is to have primary design responsibility for a
project, and does not include designers who are merely consulted by the county and do not have
substantial design responsibility, or designers who will or may be employed or consulted by
the primary designer.
(j) "Project" means an undertaking for the county to design, construct, erect, or remodel
a building or facility, or to design, construct, or reconstruct a county road, bridge, or other
infrastructure relating to a county roadway.
(k) "Proposal" means an offer by a design-builder to enter into a design-build contract for a
project in response to a request for proposals, including a phase-one or phase-two proposal.
(l) "Request for proposals" or "RFP" means the document or publication through which the
county solicits proposals from prequalified design-builders to design and construct a design-build
(m) "Request for qualifications" or "RFQ" means a document to prequalify and short-list
potential design-builders for a project.
    Subd. 2. Authority. Notwithstanding section 471.345 or any other law to the contrary, the
county board may solicit and award a design-build contract for a project on the basis of a best
value selection process as provided in this section.
    Subd. 3. Restriction. (a) The number of design-build contracts awarded by the county board
must not be more than ten percent of its total projects in any fiscal year.
    (b) The board may not enter into a design-build contract under this section unless the county
has as employees at least one of each of the following, each of whom must be licensed and
registered under state law: an architect, a mechanical engineer, and a civil engineer. In addition,
the county must employ a full-time project manager with at least five years of construction
management experience.
    Subd. 4. Procedures. (a) The county board shall, by resolution, adopt implementation
procedures consistent with this section for the award of design-build contracts.
(b) The implementation procedures must, at a minimum, govern:
(1) the establishment of a design-build selection panel appointed by the county to advise the
county administrator and the county board in preparing and conducting the design-build selection
process, including a recommendation for the selection of a design-build proposal it considers to
be of best value to the public;
(2) preparing requests for proposals, including procedures for determining the appropriate
content for each request for proposal;
(3) standards to be used to qualify or prequalify design-builders;
(4) preparing and submitting proposals;
(5) establishing procedures for evaluating proposals in as objective a manner as possible;
(6) establishing safeguards during the procurement process to preserve confidential
information and proprietary information supplied by those submitting proposals in accordance
with chapter 13, including, but not limited to, an offeror's price, technical solutions, innovative or
unique technology, and innovative or unique use of commercially available items; and
(7) awarding and executing design-build contracts.
    Subd. 5. Licensing requirements. (a) A design-builder must be licensed and registered to
provide the services required to complete the project and do business in this state.
(b) A design-builder may enter into a contract with the county to provide professional or
construction services that the design-builder is not licensed, registered, or qualified to perform, so
long as the design-builder provides the services through subcontracts with licensed, registered,
or otherwise qualified persons in accordance with this section.
(c) This section does not intend to limit or eliminate the responsibility or liability owed by a
professional on a design-build project to the county or other parties under other law.
History: 2002 c 393 s 57; 2007 c 70 s 1-3

NOTE: See section 383B.1586 for expiration date.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes