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    Subdivision 1. Authority to erect. A recycling facility that has complied with the permitting
rules of the Pollution Control Agency and has been designated a recycling center by the
agency under section 115A.555 may erect a recycling center sign upon payment of a fee to
the Department of Transportation or to the local road authority required to cover all costs of
fabrication and installation of the signs.
    Subd. 2. Sign standards. The Department of Transportation shall design and manufacture
the recycling center sign to specifications not contrary to other federal and state highway sign
standards. The sign must contain the international three-arrow recycling symbol followed by the
words "recycling center."
    Subd. 3. Location. Each local road authority shall permit recycling center signs to be located
on roads in its jurisdiction, subject to sign placement and distance requirements of the local
authority in conformance with standard policies for placement of signs for other traffic generators.
History: 1Sp1989 c 1 art 18 s 18