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    Subdivision 1. Conditions. A meeting governed by section 13D.01, subdivisions 1, 2, 4, and
, and this section may be conducted by interactive television so long as:
(1) all members of the body participating in the meeting, wherever their physical location,
can hear and see one another and can hear and see all discussion and testimony presented at any
location at which at least one member is present;
(2) members of the public present at the regular meeting location of the body can hear and
see all discussion and testimony and all votes of members of the body;
(3) at least one member of the body is physically present at the regular meeting location; and
(4) each location at which a member of the body is present is open and accessible to the
    Subd. 2. Members are present for quorum, participation. Each member of a body
participating in a meeting by electronic means is considered present at the meeting for purposes
of determining a quorum and participating in all proceedings.
    Subd. 3. Monitoring from remote site; costs. If interactive television is used to conduct
a meeting, to the extent practical, a public body shall allow a person to monitor the meeting
electronically from a remote location. The body may require the person making such a connection
to pay for documented marginal costs that the public body incurs as a result of the additional
    Subd. 4. Notice of regular and all member sites. If interactive television is used to conduct
a regular, special, or emergency meeting, the public body shall provide notice of the regular
meeting location and notice of any site where a member of the public body will be participating
in the meeting by interactive television. The timing and method of providing notice must be as
described in section 13D.04.
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