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(a) Money for persons listed in sections 119B.03, subdivision 3, and 119B.05, subdivision 1,
shall be used to reduce the costs of child care for students, including the costs of child care for
students while employed if enrolled in an eligible education program at the same time and making
satisfactory progress towards completion of the program. Counties may not limit the duration
of child care subsidies for a person in an employment or educational program, except when the
person is found to be ineligible under the child care fund eligibility standards. Any limitation
must be based on a person's employment plan in the case of an MFIP participant, and county
policies included in the child care fund plan. The maximum length of time a student is eligible
for child care assistance under the child care fund for education and training is no more than the
time necessary to complete the credit requirements for an associate or baccalaureate degree as
determined by the educational institution, excluding basic or remedial education programs needed
to prepare for postsecondary education or employment.
(b) To be eligible, the student must be in good standing and be making satisfactory progress
toward the degree. Time limitations for child care assistance do not apply to basic or remedial
educational programs needed to prepare for postsecondary education or employment. These
programs include: high school, general equivalency diploma, and English as a second language.
Programs exempt from this time limit must not run concurrently with a postsecondary program. If
an MFIP participant who is receiving MFIP child care assistance under this chapter moves to
another county, continues to participate in educational or training programs authorized in their
employment plans, and continues to be eligible for MFIP child care assistance under this chapter,
the MFIP participant must receive continued child care assistance from the county responsible for
their current employment plan, under section 256G.07.
History: 1987 c 403 art 3 s 66; 1988 c 689 art 2 s 227; 1989 c 282 art 2 s 145; 1990 c 426
art 1 s 31; 1990 c 568 art 4 s 46; 1991 c 292 art 5 s 57; 1995 c 207 art 4 s 31; 1997 c 162 art 4 s
24; 1999 c 159 s 17; 1999 c 205 art 1 s 25,69

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes