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    Subdivision 1. Generally. Nothing in sections 116G.01 to 116G.14 authorizes any
governmental agency to adopt a rule or issue any order that is unduly restrictive or constitutes a
taking of real or personal property in violation of the constitution of this state or of the United
    Subd. 2. No limitation of rights. Neither the designation of an area of critical concern nor
the adoption of any rules for such an area shall in any way limit or modify the rights of any
person to complete any development that has been authorized by registration and recordation of a
subdivision pursuant to state laws, or by a building permit or other authorization to commence
development on which there has been reliance and a change of position, and which registration or
recordation was accomplished, or which permit or authorization was issued prior to the date of
notice for public hearing as provided by section 116G.06. If a developer has by action in reliance
on prior rules obtained vested or other legal rights that in law would have prevented a local
government from changing those rules in a way adverse to the developer's interests, nothing in
sections 116G.01 to 116G.14 authorizes any governmental agency to abridge those rights.
History: 1973 c 752 s 13; 1985 c 248 s 70; 1986 c 444

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Revisor of Statutes