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    Subdivision 1. Limitation does not apply. Any taxes, special assessments, levied or to
be levied, and any bonds or other evidences of indebtedness issued or to be issued for the
construction, installation, maintenance, or operation by a municipality of any disposal system or
part thereof, shall not be subject to any limitation and shall be excluded in computing amounts
subject to any limitation on tax levies, special assessments, bonded indebtedness or other
indebtedness and the governing or managing body and the proper officers of the municipality
concerned shall have the power and, to comply with any order of the agency, it shall be their duty
to levy such taxes and special assessments and issue such bonds and take such other lawful actions
as may be appropriate and necessary to provide funds to meet the cost of such construction or
work, notwithstanding any such limit and without any election or referendum therefor. A recital in
any bond, tax levy, or assessment that the same is issued or made for the purposes of a disposal
system or any part thereof ordered by the agency and is not subject to any provisions of law
prescribing limits or requiring an election or referendum therefor shall be prima facie evidence
thereof and that all requirements of law relating thereto have been complied with. In any suit,
action, or proceedings involving the validity or enforceability of any bonds of a municipality or the
security therefor, any such bond reciting in substance that it has been issued by the municipality to
aid in financing a sewage disposal system or part thereof, shall be conclusively deemed to have
been issued for such purpose, and in compliance with all requirements of the law relating thereto.
    Subd. 2. Tax in anticipation of need. For the same purposes as the purposes for which a tax
may be levied under subdivision 1, a municipality may levy taxes in anticipation of need and the
provision of subdivision 1 shall be applicable so far as appropriate to any such anticipatory levy.
If such a tax is levied in anticipation of need, the purpose must be specified in the resolution of the
governing body directing the levy, and proceeds of the tax must be used only for that purpose, and
until used the proceeds shall be retained in a separate fund or invested as surplus in a sinking
fund may be invested under section 118A.04.
History: 1963 c 874 s 8; 1969 c 9 s 21; 1996 c 399 art 2 s 12

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Revisor of Statutes