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It is the policy of the state to provide for the prevention, control, and abatement of pollution
of all waters of the state, so far as feasible and practical, in furtherance of conservation of such
waters and protection of the public health and in furtherance of the development of the economic
welfare of the state. The agency shall prepare a long-range plan and program for the effectuation
of said policy, and shall make a report of progress thereon to the legislature by November 15 of
each even numbered year, with recommendations for action in furtherance of such program
during the ensuing biennium. It is the purpose of sections 115.41 to 115.54 to safeguard the
waters of the state from pollution by: (a) preventing any new pollution; and (b) abating pollution
existing when sections 115.41 to 115.54 become effective, under a program consistent with the
declaration of policy above stated.
History: 1963 c 874 s 4; 1969 c 9 s 21; 1974 c 406 s 63; 1994 c 465 art 1 s 7