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Every conveyance of real estate shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder of the
county where such real estate is situated; and every such conveyance not so recorded shall be
void as against any subsequent purchaser in good faith and for a valuable consideration of the
same real estate, or any part thereof, whose conveyance is first duly recorded, and as against any
attachment levied thereon or any judgment lawfully obtained at the suit of any party against the
person in whose name the title to such land appears of record prior to the recording of such
conveyance. The fact that such first recorded conveyance is in the form, or contains the terms
of a deed of quitclaim and release shall not affect the question of good faith of such subsequent
purchaser or be of itself notice to the subsequent purchaser of any unrecorded conveyance of the
same real estate or any part thereof.
History: (8226) RL s 3357; 1976 c 181 s 2; 1986 c 444