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    Subdivision 1. Disposition of fines, fees, and other money; accounts. (a) Except as
otherwise provided within this subdivision, and except as otherwise provided by law, the court
administrator shall pay to the Hennepin County treasurer all fines and penalties collected by the
court administrator, all fees collected by the court administrator for court administrator's services,
all sums forfeited to the court as provided in this subdivision, and all other money received
by the court administrator.
(b) The court administrator shall provide the county treasurer with the name of the
municipality or other subdivision of government where the offense was committed and the name
and official position of the officer who prosecuted the offense for each fine or penalty, and
the total amount of fines or penalties collected for each municipality or other subdivision of
government or for the county.
(c) At the beginning of the first day of any month the amount owing to any municipality or
county in the hands of the court administrator shall not exceed $5,000.
(d) On or before the last day of each month the county treasurer shall pay over to the
treasurer of each municipality or subdivision of government in Hennepin County all fines or
penalties collected during the previous month for offenses committed within such municipality or
subdivision of government, except that all such fines and penalties attributable to cases in which
the county attorney had charge of the prosecution shall be retained by the county treasurer and
credited to the county general revenue fund.
(e) Amounts represented by checks issued by the court administrator or received by the court
administrator which have not cleared by the end of the month may be shown on the monthly
account as having been paid or received, subject to adjustment on later monthly accounts.
(f) The court administrator may receive negotiable instruments in payment of fines, penalties,
fees or other obligations as conditional payments, and is not held accountable for this until
collection in cash is made and then only to the extent of the net collection after deduction of
the necessary expense of collection.
    Subd. 2. Fees payable to administrator. (a) The civil fees payable to the administrator for
services are the same in amount as the fees then payable to the District Court of Hennepin County
for like services. Library and filing fees are not required of the defendant in an eviction action.
The fees payable to the administrator for all other services of the administrator or the court shall
be fixed by rules promulgated by a majority of the judges.
(b) Fees are payable to the administrator in advance.
(c) Judgments will be entered only upon written application.
(d) The following fees shall be taxed for all charges filed in court where applicable:
(1) the state of Minnesota and any governmental subdivision within the jurisdictional area of
any district court herein established may present cases for hearing before said district court; or
(2) in the event the court takes jurisdiction of a prosecution for the violation of a statute or
ordinance by the state or a governmental subdivision other than a city or town in Hennepin
County, all fines, penalties, and forfeitures collected shall be paid over to the treasurer of the
governmental subdivision which submitted charges for prosecution under ordinance violation and
to the county treasurer in all other charges except where a different disposition is provided by law,
in which case, payment shall be made to the public official entitled thereto.
(e) The following fees shall be taxed to the county or to the state or governmental subdivision
which would be entitled to payment of the fines, forfeiture or penalties in any case, and shall be
paid to the court administrator for disposing of the matter:
(1) For each charge where the defendant is brought into court and pleads guilty and is
sentenced, or the matter is otherwise disposed of without trial, $5.
(2) In arraignments where the defendant waives a preliminary examination, $10.
(3) For all other charges where the defendant stands trial or has a preliminary examination by
the court, $15.
(f) This paragraph applies to the distribution of fines paid by defendants without a court
appearance in response to a citation. On or before the tenth day after the last day of the month
in which the money was collected, the county treasurer shall pay 80 percent of the fines to the
treasurer of the municipality or subdivision within the county where the violation was committed.
The remainder of the fines shall be credited to the general revenue fund of the county.
History: 2006 c 260 art 5 s 30
NOTE: This section, as added by Laws 2006, chapter 260, article 5, section 30, expires June
30, 2007. Laws 2006, chapter 260, article 5, section 30, the effective date.

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Revisor of Statutes