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Upon such report being filed, the city clerk shall give notice that such appraisement has been
returned and that the same will be considered by the city council at a meeting thereof to be named
in the notice, which notice shall contain the schedule of damages awarded and benefits assessed
and be given in a manner appropriate to inform the public. Any person interested in any building
standing in whole or in part upon any land required to be taken by such improvement shall, on
or before the time specified for the meeting in such notice, notify the city council in writing of
the person's election to remove such building, if the person so elect. The city council, upon
the day fixed for the consideration of such report, or at any subsequent meeting to which the
same may stand over or be referred, shall have power in their discretion to confirm, revise, or
annul the appraisement and assessment, giving due consideration to any objections interposed
by parties interested in the manner hereinafter specified; provided that the city council shall not
have the power to reduce the amount of any award nor increase any assessment. In case the
appraisement and assessment is annulled, the city council may thereupon appoint new appraisers,
who shall proceed in like manner as in case of the first appraisement, and upon the coming in
of their report, the city council shall proceed in a like manner and with the same powers as in
the case of the first appraisement.
History: (1521) 1905 c 18 s 13; 1984 c 543 s 62; 1986 c 444